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A simple and elegant way to keep track of your travels and the ones of your friends and family, if you are their ride to or from the airport. Read more


Our senior project, which focuses on mobile transit in the Bay Area. Includes route planning and ticketing. GitHub


A simple app to convert measures between the metric and the imperial system. Units include temperature, length, weight and currency ($ and €). Apple Watch included. Read more


Your outdoor companion with features like altitude, compass, speed and temperature at your current location. Apple Watch coming soon. Read more


An App which let's you copy your videos to your iPad, after Apple broke this function in iOS 10.2 with the release of the new TV App. Read more


An App for musicians, that let's you tune your instrument. Shows the nearest pitch, with visual flat or sharp indicator, and optional frequency display. App Store


Multi platform App for tvOS and iOS which allows me to stream my private movie library, which is hosted on OneDrive and accessed through a custom API. GitHub


A native client to read 9to5Mac without ads. Defaults to Reader View so the reading experience feels more natural. Side project which is maintaned and used by myself. GitHub

Daring Fireball

A native client to read Daring Fireball. Having this App improves performance and makes reading the blog less of a hassel on iPhone. GitHub